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Story of the Flying Officer John Pohe

On the 24th of March 1944, two hundred and twenty allied airmen huddle silently in a German POW camp in Poland. After months of planning, they are about to attempt an escape of unbelievable magnitude and logistics. The event will be recorded in history and known as The Great Escape.

Among them is World War II's first Māori pilot, Porokoru Patapu Pohe (also known as John Pohe). He has only been in the camp for 6 months but in that time, he has managed to make his way up the list of escapees to number 65 of 220. He has completed a tour of duty and cheated death a number of times, earning himself the nickname Lucky Johnny. Turangaarere is the story of his incredible life.

Format: TV Documentary
Runtime: 52 mins
Broadcaster: Māori Television
PAL – all regions