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Songs From The Inside Series 1 - CD Album


This project was inspired by the work of volunteers who week after week enter New Zealand prisons to not only teach the residents skills but show them that people care. The songwriting program was adapted from the work of Evan Rhys Davies and was tutored by four of New Zealand's most talented singer-songwriters; Ruia Aperahama, Maisey Rika, Anika Moa and Warren Maxwell.

The creators of these songs have donated their share of profits to nominated charities.


Track Listing

  1. Whakataka Te Hau - Arohata Women, Anika Moa & Maisey Rika
  2. Fatherland - Maera
  3. Stuck In The Rain - Mo
  4. Absent - Hana
  5. Just Like You - Tama
  6. Invisible Tears - Lina
  7. Reflections - Mo
  8. Waddup With That - Nelly
  9. Today - Lina & Anika Moa
  10. Cries of An Unahppy Child - Nicole
  11. Life Is What You Make It - Tama
  12. What I Am - Maisey Rika
  13. My Gift - Warren Maxwell