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01.04.2014 15:00 Age: 6 yrs

Dancing in the sky

The William Rhodes-Moorhouse VC Story

Format: Documentary 
Length: 52 minutes
Broadcaster: Maori Television

A documentary on the life and times of William Rhodes-Moorhouse, a Maori pioneer in aviation and the first airman to receive the Victoria Cross.

Born in London into enormous wealth, Will's burning desire for speed lead him from motorcycles, to cars, and eventually to the exciting new world of aviation.

On the 26th April he took off on a solo mission to intercept German reinforcements at a railway junction in Courtrai. Ignoring advice to bomb from altitude he flew down 300 feet through a hail of machine gunfire in an astonishing feat of bravery. This documentary reveals the full story of his life and what happened on that spring afternoon.