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Czech Republic prepares to host Lindauer’s paintings at the West Bohemian Gallery

An article on Blesk in the Czech Republic has reported Julian Arahanga’s interest in Pilsen-born painter, Gottfried Lindauer.

The article in Czech can be read here.

 Julian Arahanga, a Maori-New Zealand actor and director best known for his role in ‘The Matrix‘  is filming a documentary about Pilsen native, the painter Gottfried Lindauer. Lindauer left Pilsen in 1874 to depart for New Zealand, where he famously painted portraits of Maori chiefs.  

Last week, Arahanga visited Pilsen to film material for his documentary series. During his visit he stood in Lindauer’s birthplace, visited St Nicholas Cemetery where Lindauer’s parents are buried, and viewed the West Bohemian Gallery which is preparing a major retrospective exhibition of Lindauer in 2015.

Arahanga’s company Awa Films is currently filming the second season of their TV documentary series about Lindauer. The series called ‘Behind the Brush’ should be completed in October. Footage from Pilsen will be included in the series that will appeal to the Czech Republic’s home crowd.

The West Bohemian Gallery is preparing a major exhibition of the works of Lindauer, after two years of negotiations have promised large collections of his works to be lent to the Gallery. A set of 45 pieces from the Art Gallery in Auckland will be borrowed by the West Bohemian Gallery in spring 2015.  

In Europe, Lindauer’s collection has never before been exposed. The gallery is preparing the first ever retrospective exhibition and publication dedicated to Lindauer. The Gallery wishes to show the work that he achieved in New Zealand to Pilsen natives, as Lindauer is almost unknown in the Czech Republic, whereas in New Zealand he is one of the most popular artists of the colonial period.

Foreign exhibitions, which have enormous international reach, are one of the key projects for the gallery in 2015 when Pilsen will become the European Capital of Culture.

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